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Membrane & Asphalt Roof Restoration

Membrane & Asphalt Roof Restoration

Why Choose a Roof Restoration System?

Restoration costs may be as low as 20% of total tear-off and replacement costs; materials are easily applied.

Makes the inconvenience, risk, and environmental implications of a roof tear-off unnecessary.  Restoration may be expensed, while roof replacement must be capitalized.

The acrylic coatings we use are adaptable to Membrane, Asphalt and Modified Bitumen roofs

  • Excellent resistance to dirt pick-up
  • Repairs are fast and economical

Stop further roof deterioration and reduce future maintenance costs, and bring your building back under a class-1 rating

  • Restore - Repair blisters, cracks and leaks with like materials. Use fabric, caulk, and coating for minor repairs.
  • Protect & Preserve - The Coating and Fabric System provides a weather-resistant seamless barrier. By installing acrylic roof coatings and using them as a "sacrificial barrier" to the environment you will dramatically reduce the harmful effects of UV Rays, reduce thermal shock, and extend the useful life of your asphalt roof.
  • Cool - Existing Membrane is protected against the aging process with highly reflective acrylic coatings. Longer roof life means a higher return on your investment and less debris in landfills.