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Membrane Roofing Systems

Membrane Roofing Systems

Genflex and GAF Roofing Systems are full line suppliers of high quality single ply roofing products for the commercial roofing market.

Their materials have been protecting a wide range of properties from schools to hospitals, commercial buildings, retail facilities and many other institutions.


TPO membrane is a high quality thermoplastic polyolefin, offers the “best of both worlds”...the proven flexibility and weathering resistance of rubber
and the performance of hot-air welded thermoplastic seams. Heat-welded thermoplastic roofing membranes are the fastest growing segment of the low-slope roofing market and TPO is an excellent system choice.

TPO roofing systems are designed for durability and to withstand extreme environmental exposure.  We can offer the TPO products you need for mechanically anchored to fully adhered systems with warranties up to 20 years depending on the system design.  TPO is offered in 45, 60 and 80 mil thicknesses.  Colors available include white, gray and tan.


EPDM systems withstand the test of time with a performance history of nearly 30 years and warranties available for up to 20 years depending on the system design.

EPDM comes 45 mil, 60 mil, and 90 mil thick. (Black and white colors are available) It is ideal for either new roofs or for roofing over a variety of common roof deck types and insulation materials.

Installation systems include fully adhered, ballasted, and mechanically attached. Components include roofing tapes, bonding adhesive, sealants, flashing and applicable rooftop accessories.

This is a high-performance membrane resisting tears, impacts, punctures and normal roof traffic. Normal structural movement has limited effect on its integrity. This membrane provides excellent resistance to ozone and ultraviolet light exposure. You can count on EPDM to remain flexible.


PVC has the performance advantages of TPO with special resistance to harsh environments.  When your application calls for a roofing system that will stand up to grease, oil or chemicals, PVC is your best choice.  In addition, it offers many of the same performance advantages as TPO including:

  • Heat-welded seams for greater reliability
  • East, 3-step installation to reduce the chance of application errors
  • High reflectivity for greater energy savings
  • Simple repair to reduce your ongoing maintenance costs

With over 20 years of experience in the field, PVC has been utilized successfully on thousands of buildings covering millions of square feet!  PVC is offered in 50, 60, and 80 mil thicknesses and is available in the following colors: white, tan and gray.